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Lets talk about agency relationships

by Janice Melanson
09 Tuesday September 2014

Most agents today have the " Brokerage relationship disclosure form" attached to any and all emails. Do you open it and read it? You should. It explains all the different types of relationships in real estate. All of which could profoundly affect you when purchasing or selling a home. Are you a customer or a client? Which do you want or need to be? What is the difference?

This form should be given to you at first physical contact, gone over and signed by both you and the agent presenting it to you. You should ask questions if you don't understand. Its important!

Client: Confidentiality, loyalty, disclosure, lawful obedience, promotion of the clients best interest. Client-level services also include advice, counsel and assistance with negotiations.

Customer: disclose all material defects, to treat both buyer/seller honestly, account for all monies received from or on behalf of buyer/seller, comply with all state and federal laws relating to real estate brokerage, to perform ministerial acts (showing property, preparing offer etc).

Times have changed greatly in the real estate market, when I bought my first house the agent told me point blank " I represent the seller, no one represents buyers so "caveat emptor" BUYER BEWARE!"

Thankfully we don't operate like that anymore. So please read the attached disclosure and if you are thinking of buying or selling give me a call, I will make sure you are represented.